Home Energy Audit

Assessment for Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural.

Do You Need A Home Energy Audit?

The average American home uses quite a bit of energy, about 893-kilowatt hours each month, and most are used to power appliances and lighting, to cool or heat your home, or are wasted through inefficiencies.

While it's impossible to eliminate your home's electricity usage completely, there are a number of ways to reduce it. The good news is home energy audit can help you identify ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Unlike a simple walk-through inspection, a home energy audit is an in-depth examination of how your home uses and loses energy.

It can be conducted for both commercial and residential buildings. For businesses, the main goal of an energy audit is typically to find ways to reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency and production. While residential audits are usually aimed at lowering overall household energy consumption.

What to Expect

Here's what you can expect from a typical home energy audit. An experienced and certified energy auditor will come to your facility and assess how well it is insulated. They will identify any areas where there are air leaks, and test your appliances and lighting to see if they are using more energy than necessary.

During an energy audit, experts will show you every inch of your space that leaks and what materials are best for sealing those holes. This way, you know whether or not your facility needs an upgrade before winter or summer starts coming around again.

The auditor will then provide you with a report detailing their findings and recommendations for energy efficiency improvement. Taking these steps can help you save money on your monthly bill and make your home more comfortable or increase your business revenue.

Identify where your home is losing energy - we'll show you how to fix it.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a home energy audit. We would be happy to help you save money and conserve energy!

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