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A sound insulation system is a valuable asset for residential and commercial buildings. Maybe you are planning to build the studio of your dreams, your child's band may be moving from the garage to a quieter room in the basement, or you may need to reduce the amount of noise in your commercial building. We are your go-to sound insulation contractor no matter what your needs may be. Schedule a free phone consultation today!

Is sound insulation worth it?

Among all the insulation products available today, spray foam insulation is arguably the best. Already installed in millions of buildings worldwide, spray foam insulation offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective answer to your insulation requirements. Its ability to minimize sound is among the many advantages of Super Foam USA spray foam insulation.

The open cell spray foam provides excellent sound insulation due to its less dense, more flexible, and openly structured structure. Its incredible expansionist properties allow the foam to cover every nook and cranny, every crevice, and every difficult-to-reach area, thanks to its sheer flexibility. The open-cell foam insulation can expand over one hundred times in a liquid state, providing a sound-reducing air barrier. The widespread nature of its open cellular format also makes this a highly cost-effective insulation solution, typically requiring only one application to cover the entire structure.

The use of open cell foam insulation is not limited to the reduction of sound, as it is also a very effective insulator of both heat and cold. As a leading spray foam contractor, we provide our customers with high-quality spray foam services that reduce noise pollution and adequately insulate your building.

Enhanced Indoor Environment

Excessive noise in a commercial building can interfere with everyday activities in the building, whether those activities involve intense focus, conversations, or group activities. These situations may cause discomfort to both listeners and speakers.

Listeners may dismiss moderate noise levels since they do not permanently damage their hearing. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this noise is still hazardous to health. Those exposed to loud noise may experience physical and psychological stress, reduced productivity, difficulty concentrating, and an increased risk of workplace accidents.

Speakers in loud environments may also experience strain because they must speak at least 15 decibels louder than the background noise to be heard. This type of noise can not only be distracting and irritating, but it can also pose a safety hazard in the workplace. A teacher, call center employee, or factory worker who strains their voice daily may develop chronic vocal fatigue. In the long run, chronic vocal fatigue may cause more severe damage to the vocal cords.

Sound insulation can significantly improve an indoor environment for all parties involved. When people are not subjected to the assault of loud noises and are not required to speak loudly, they can perform at their best and enjoy a more serene environment.

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